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YVA ENERGY LLC is an electrical installation company with great experience in construction and installation works, we provide high-quality and timely construction of objects which allows us to issue warranty for the works performed. For our customers' convenience YVA ENERGY LLC provides the whole range of electrical installation works.

  • Installation of cable and air lines
  • Construction of electrical sub-stations
  • Designing of internal and external power grids
  • Drawing up of design estimate documentation of different difficulty categories
  • Installation of internal and external electricity grids
  • Installation of the systems of internal and external electric lightning
  • Service panels equipment
  • Designing
  • Construction
  • Service



Limited Liability Company "YVA ENERGY" employed the staff who had passed training on installation of high-voltage clamps with voltage of 52-170 kV and obtained the corresponding certificates.

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The certification body "SERTSYSTEMS" confirms by this certificate that the quality management system of YVA ENERGY LLC regarding: 

  • electrical installation works(43.21)
  • other construction and installation works(43.29)
  • production of electric components(26.11)
  • building of power supply and communication constructions(42.22)
  • activity in the sphere of engineering, geology, and geodesy(71.12)
  • unspecialized whole trade( 46.90)

Conforms to the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015 "Quality Management System. Requirements"

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Limited Liability Company "YVA ENERGY" has the right to perform:

  • installation, demolition, adjustment, repair, technical service, and high risk machines, mechanisms, and equipment reconstruction: particularly: electric equipment of power plants and power grids, technical electric equipment with voltage of 1000V (up to 110 kV)
  • works in active electric installations with voltage of 1000V (up to 110kV)
  • works in shafts, trenches, and pits
  • ground works within the area of underground utility systems
  • works performed at a height of 5 meters or above on covering or work flooring and works performed using mechanical and construction lifts
  • welding (electric-welding) works.
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Limited Liability Company "YVA ENERGY" employed a project engineer who had passed professional assessment which confirms his conformity to the qualification requirements in the sphere of architecture objects creation, professional specialization, necessary level of qualification and knowledge.

Works (services) related to the creation of architecture objects the ability to perform which is determined by the qualification certificate: construction and engineering design in terms of design estimate documentation.

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Limited Liability Company "YVA ENERGY" has the right to perform high risk works and use (apply) high risk machines, mechanisms, and equipment

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Limited Liability Company "YVA ENERGY has the right to carry out economic activity on building of objects of IV and V difficulty categories

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